Don't let Ugly Roof Stains ruin the look of your home.

March 22, 2018

     A. Oliveri's Soft Wash Roof Cleaning process is the safest, most effective low pressure Cleaning method available to remove those Dark Ugly  Streaks and stains on the roof of your home on Long Island. There is  no need to  put a new roof on your home when your roof can look like new at a fraction of the cost of a Roof Repacement. Don't spend thousands of dollars to replace your dirty roof shingles when all they need is a low pressure roof wash by trained Certified low pressure roof Cleaning professionals using state-of-the art equipment and the safest, most effective low pressure roof cleaning method and cleaning detergents available anywhere .We offer a two year spot Free Warranty on your low pressure roof cleaning. If the Black streaks return with in two years we will come back and clean the black streaks off your roof for Free. Call Today 631-588-5032 or visit our website @


                WARNING! The Competition Uses Pressure Washing


                            NEVER let anyone use a Pressure Washer!




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