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Pre- Spring Exterior Cleaning Sale

Power Washing and Roof Cleaning in Suffolk County New York Choose Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning Service for all your low pressure cleaning needs when you need professional power washing and soft washing roof cleaning. We will clean and restore the look of your home or business in just one day. When it comes to exterior cleaning, we use the best equipment and products our company can afford. We use low-pressure, soft washing methods that are gentle on your roof and siding, removing mold, dirt, and grime. It is NOT recommended to use high pressure on your siding or shingles. Pressure washing will only remove the surface layer of mold and mildew and will easily damage your roof and siding. The cleaning solution kills mold spores and their roots, as well as mildew, mold, and grime. This will greatly improve the curb appeal of your home by providing clean roofing and siding. In addition, we take great care to protect your plants and landscaping. Our Low Pressure process will rid your roof and siding of mold and mildew and restore the natural beauty of your home. We cover any plants susceptible to damage with plastic tarps and thoroughly rinse them during and after the cleaning process. We are able to safely clean any type of Roofing ,Vinyl Siding, Decking, Pavers, Cement surface and more . Our crews are trained and certified to clean anything on the the exterior of your home. Call Today 631-588-5032 or visit our website at

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