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Low-Pressure House Washing on Long Island

Low-Pressure House Washing

If you see black streaks and algae on your vinyl siding, it's time to wash your house: You have algae and mildew issues. In addition to being a visual blight, these contaminants also affect the quality of the exterior of your home. Clean Rites' soft wash solutions protect your home and give it the curb appeal it needs. Using low-pressure washing techniques, we can clean your home's exterior surfaces without damaging its exterior or the surrounding environment. Long Island's team uses only soft wash for exterior cleaning, the safest and most effective method - and this is the only method we ever use.

Our equipment consists of:

  • Using a Special Blend of detergents and low pressure

  • It Removes Algae

  • Cleans the dirt off vinyl siding and makes your siding look new.

  • The Detergents remove mildew and grime

  • Cleans Windows and screens

Our detergents do the work instead of high pressure. You'll be able to keep your siding and landscaping intact for years to come. Call Today 631-806-5006


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