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Why you Should have your Roof Soft Washed

Among other things, the roof of our homes protects us from the harsh outside elements such as sun, rain, snow and dirt, which can lead to moss, lichen, algae, and black streaks on your roof. The problem is that we often fail to remove these organic items from our roof, which can have a negative impact over time. If you don't clean your roof of these things, you may need to replace it much sooner than you should, and you may end up spending a fortune on a new roof. If you neglect to clean your roof, your home may also look dirty, have less curb appeal, and even decrease in value. Most homeowners are shocked to see how dirty their roofs are after washing them. Here at Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning we offer a 5 year Spot Free warranty. Call or text for a free detailed estimate today 631-806-5006


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