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Power washing vinyl siding



What Are Those Black Streaks on my Roof?


Stains On The Roof?

 The black stains on you roof shingles are caused by a black algae, typically called Gloeocapsa magma. Algae is more likely to grow on the shaded sections and the north side of the building. 



Algae will spread from one infected roof to another via airborne spores. These spores land randomly on your roof and take root. A protective sheath creates the dark color the algae forms to protect its self from UV rays.


How Does It Grow?

Algae require moisture and the proper temperatures to grow on your roof. Dew is the primary moisture that causes  algae to grow.



Algae are found predominantly in the Northeast, but it can and will grow nationwide. The algae generally grows on the northern exposures of your roof since this exposure generally receives less sunlight. Algae are well adapted to extreme climate conditions.

Roof Cleaning Is Not An Expensive Service

 At Clean Rite's Exterior Cleaning Service we typically charge a reasonable and fair price to clean your roof, especially considering the high cost of replacing your existing roof shingles. Roof washing typically costs around $250 to $850, and the average cost is about $375. Considering the importance of our service, plus the amount you will end up spending on a new roof replacement, it's well worth the cost of hiring our professional soft wash roof cleaning service.


What NOT to Do!

 Do not let any contractor use  power washer to clean your roof shingles. Some roof cleaning companies offer this service. However, it is not recommended as it may dislodge granules, which can lead to premature shingle failure

 So give Art a Call @ Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning to clean your Dirty Roof. We apply our special blend of detergent to clean your roof and make it look new again. We are fully Licensed 8551 HI since 1983 and Insured. We also offer a 5 year Spot Free Warranty on your Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. Call Today 631-588-5032 or visit our website @



National Soft Wash Alliance

Don't let this happen to your Roof

We will never use a Power    Washer on your Roof

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