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10 things every homeowner should know about residential roof soft washing:

Soft washing a roof every 5 years or so will extend its lifespan by removing algae, lichen, grime, moss, and black streaks, restoring its appearance. It is especially important to clean your roof if you want your home to have a good curb appeal.

  1. Soft Wash roof Cleaning requires skill and know-how, not just a DIY project. Roof washing requires skills and knowledge that can't be mastered by the average homeowner.

  2. An older roof is best cleaned with a soft wash method.

  3. A dirty roof is not just ugly, it causes serious damage to your house as well

  4. Shingles can be severely damaged by moss and algae that are not only unsightly but also cause severe damage to your roof shingles.

  5. Your roof can be damaged by Moss, Algae, and lichen even if it is not visible from the ground.

  6. Keeping your roof clean by soft washing your roof is not an overpriced service, but rather an investment that pays off over the long run

  7. Black streaks, lichen, and moss can grow on and under your roof shingles, slowly loosening them while remaining out of sight. Keeping your roof shingles clean helps them last longer and prevents them from deteriorating.

  8. Roof materials often come with warranties, which many homeowners are unaware of. Keeping the warranty valid is the homeowner's responsibility. In order to maintain a roofing warranty, most manufacturers recommend soft washing your roof every 5 years or so.

  9. Soft Wash Cleaning can prevent and minimize roof Damage

  10. Roof shingles will be damaged by these organisms, and they will not clean themselves. It is also possible that they can spread under the shingles as well. These contaminants cause damage before they are even visible, so time is of the essence in preventing damage.

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