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Roof Cleaning Long Island

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Denver

When getting your Roof washed it is important that it is done correctly by a Trained and Certified technicians with the correct Detergents and Equipment. Never let anyone use a pressure washer to Clean your Roof. High pressure will damage your roof by removing the granules. At Clean Rite we use our Low Pressure soft wash process to do the job correctly. We use low pressure to apply our detergents to effectively clean your roof. We will not cause any damage to your roof surface. We also offer a 5 year Spot Free Pro rated Warranty. The first two years we come back Free of charge if the mold, Mildew or Lichen returns. Then you pay 70% the third year, 80% 4th year and 90% the 5th year. Call or text 631-80605006

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