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Revitalize Your Long Island Home, with power washing

Revitalize Your Long Island Home's Exterior with Soft Washing 631-806-5006

Long Island homeowners, is your house exterior looking lackluster due to grime and dirt? Clean Rite Power Washing offers a safe and effective solution: soft washing.

Soft washing uses a low-pressure method to clean your home's exterior, unlike high-pressure washing that can damage siding and windows. Our eco-friendly approach ensures a thorough clean without harming your home.

Benefits of Soft Washing:

  • Safe for various sidings: vinyl, brick, stucco, or cedar

  • Protects your siding and windows from damage

  • Eliminates dirt, dust, algae, mold, and mildew

  • Prevents future mold growth

The Clean Rite Power Washing Difference:

We prioritize the health of your home's exterior. Our gentle cleaning solutions, applied with low pressure, effectively remove grime and revitalize your home's look.

Ready for a Vibrant Home Exterior?

Call or text Clean Rite Power Washing at 631-806-5006 today to schedule your soft wash house washing and experience the power of gentle cleaning!


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