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Roof Cleaning Long Island

With Clean Rite exterior cleaning, we offer "soft roof cleaning" to remove moss, lichen, and algae. If you allow these organisms to flourish on your roof, you will greatly reduce its lifespan. Using our process, we will safely remove these organisms, thereby extending the life of your roof. We use low pressure and our special blend of detergents to prevent damage to your roof shingles.

It is important to never let anyone to power wash your roof! Black streaks, moss, and lichen can only be safely removed from your roof by using our soft wash detergents and allowing them to die off slowly. Once the organism has died, the roots will degrade and let go organically, causing no granule loss to your shingles. When pressure is applied to a roof, the shingle will become damaged and its lifespan will be reduced by about five years. There is no risk of damage to your roof when we use our soft wash method. Give us a call for a free detailed quote 631-806-5006



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