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What's on Your dirty roof

Algae, lichen, and mosses feed on the organic material found in the granules that make up roofing shingles, mostly limestone, to cause roof stains. The organic matter on your roof is the food source for these organisms that stain your roof. Your roof is literally being eaten by these organisms. Algae, lichen colonies, and moss are more likely to grow on roofs that receive the least amount of sunlight. Some homes may have roof stains only on one side of the roof, usually a northern and/or western exposure or a heavily shaded area.

What is the Stains on my Roof

The algae that live on the roof feed on dust, pollen, and organic debris. The growth of this plant is triggered by dampness. A northern or western exposure or heavily shaded area is usually more likely to have stains. Shingles are covered with tiny granules that harbor algae on, under, and behind them. The result is unsightly streaks and stains on the roof. A roof with algae stains absorbs heat rather than reflects it, resulting in a super-heated attic, higher home cooling costs, and shorter roof life.

MOSS on your Roof

Roofing materials remain damp for extended periods of time due to thick moss growth and shallow root systems. Shingles are eroded by this moisture, which promotes wood rot. Typically, moss grows in vertical gaps between shingles. Roofing shingles in these areas are the last part of a roof to evaporate water. Roofing shingles can be damaged by moss, similar to lichen colonies, and some granules may already be gone underneath the moss.

LICHEN on your Roof

Typically, lichens form a crust-like or branching growth on shingle granules as a result of growing with algae. Eventually, lichens destroy shingles by creating dark spots, or pockmarks, by invading the organic, oil-based base of the shingles for nourishment.

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