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Power Washing with Clean Rite!

Is your home's exterior looking a little worse for wear? Grime, mildew, and stubborn stains can take a toll on the beauty and value of your property. But fear not, Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning is here to bring back the shine with our professional, eco-friendly cleaning services!

Gentle Yet Effective: The Soft Wash Difference

Clean Rite doesn't believe in harsh blasting - we prioritize the health of your surfaces while delivering exceptional results. That's why we specialize in soft washing, a low-pressure cleaning method that uses a specialized blend of biodegradable solutions to remove dirt gently, grime, and even algae without damaging delicate materials like roofs, siding, and decks.

More Than Just Roof Magic: A Full Spectrum of Services

While our roof cleaning expertise is renowned, Clean Rite offers a comprehensive menu of exterior cleaning services to make your home sparkle from top to bottom. Here's just a taste of what we do:

  • Low-pressure house washing: Restore the pristine beauty of your siding, removing cobwebs, mildew, and dirt without the risk of water damage.

  • Paver washing: Breathe new life into your patios, walkways, and driveways with our effective paver cleaning techniques.

  • Gutter cleaning: Keep your gutters free of debris and prevent costly water damage with our thorough gutter cleaning service.

  • Window cleaning: Let the sunshine in with our sparkling window cleaning, leaving your windows clear and streak-free.

Free Estimates and Unwavering Commitment

Before we get started, we'll provide a free and detailed estimate, so you know exactly what to expect. We're dedicated to transparent pricing and exceeding your expectations with our meticulous attention to detail and friendly customer service.

Ready to Reclaim Your Curb Appeal? Call Clean Rite Today!

Don't settle for a dull and dingy exterior. Let Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning restore the radiant beauty of your home. Contact us today at 631-806-5006 for your free estimate and experience the Clean Rite difference!


  • Soft wash roof cleaning

  • Low-pressure house washing

  • Paver washing

  • Gutter Whitening

  • Window cleaning

  • Exterior cleaning

  • Suffolk County

  • Nassau County

  • Free estimates

  • Lic. Insured

Call Today: 631-806-5006

Contact Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning today for a sparkling clean exterior and a boost to your curb appeal!


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